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Rex Lo and Elly Cheng are the enigmatic creators behind Somewhere Nowhere. Recent graduates of London College of Fashion, they founded Somewhere Nowhere in 2012, to share their favourite handmade and customised designs with the world. Who are they? They dreamed of candy floss and marshmallow, belivers of unicorns, and don't forget their friendship with the rainbows. Somewhere Nowhere’s ethos is to take everyday unisex streetwear and inject them with a bit of magic. Sourcing materials from every corner of the world, they aimed to change humdrum life to the wonderland. Every piece is limited or exclusive and are handmade by designer in their playhouse. Their works were previously featured on Sunday Times, Grazia, AnOther, Nylon Japan, WAD, Vice, Style Bubble...etc.

‘May the power of rainbows and unicorns be with you’.

Check them out here: Somewhere Nowhere